Jan 27, 2020

Make A Meaningful Career Move

Life can take some unexpected twists and turns that prompt the question, "Is my job truly fulfilling or sustaining?" If you find yourself walking this path, don't let the fear of the unknown slow you down! Others have been where you are, wondering if it's time for a career switch. Taking a leap of faith with a fresh start as a Home Instead® franchise owner can provide the advantages of autonomy, structured support, and rewarding work.

One of those fastest-growing jobs in the US is home health care. As a leader in the steadily growing in-home senior care market, Home Instead has hundreds of franchise ownership opportunities throughout the US and Canada.

From major job shifts to the chance to develop an already-acquired skill set, franchise owners Fran, Brad and Dinah share their experiences:

Fran Finds Autonomy as a Home Instead Franchise Owner

"Previously, I had an excellent job as a nurse, and even today, I could get a job in the field anywhere and anytime I want. But professionally, I'm looking for autonomy - the ability to make my own decisions. With Home Instead, you can do that with the support of the Home Instead, Inc. Home Office, whose staff members will help you build your franchise and Home Instead's business model is tried, tested, and reproducible - something that's been continuously modified and refined through the years. So you can believe in it; you know there are more than 600 franchise owners in the U.S. and over 30 in Canada that have helped make the network so successful. For me, the reward personally and professionally is that I can say to myself, 'I did this, and I made a difference in my community." - Fran F. New Jersey, USA

Helping Families in Need is Fulfilling Work for Brad

"I went from worrying about budgets and the next round of layoffs and just turning a profit to making a difference in someone's life. When you walk out of a house after meeting with a family who is really in need, it's a great feeling to be able to help them. Every day I'm happy to come to work and I leave at the end of the day saying, 'I made a difference today." - Brad Dahleen, Franchise Owner, Palos Heights, IL

Dinah: They're Sincere about Wanting me to Succeed

"The Home Office staff and the other franchise owners have made me feel like I really am part of the Home Instead family. It might be a hand-written note, a flower or a call from someone saying, 'I see you got your first client, congratulations!' It's such a different working environment than I was exposed to in the past. They're sincere about wanting to see me succeed. To work in that positive environment every day – there are no words for it." - Dinah Pickett, Franchise Owner, Hollywood, FL

Is it time for a fresh start? Let go of a job that no longer meets your needs and open yourself to the possibilities of a fulfilling career as a Home Instead franchise owner. It's a strong career move, and we are excited to help you make it happen!

If you're interested in learning more about the Home Instead network and independently owned and operated franchise opportunities in the home care industry, please give contact us for more information. We look forward to hearing from you.

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