Feb 02, 2023

Home Care Has No Caregiver Shortage – We’re the Proof

CG Shortage

You may have noticed a lot of buzz about the care workforce lately. More specifically, there’s “too few caregivers” to serve clients in the home care industry and the shortage is “only going to get worse” over time. 


But the truth of the matter is that professional home caregivers still provide the safest and most preferred care for older adults. And despite the continued headlines about worker shortages, Home Instead franchise owners are still growing their businesses and hiring new Care Professionals – what we refer to our caregivers as – every single day.


Why the sudden alarm about the care workforce? 


To be fair, COVID-19 has created a lot of uneasiness for all frontline professions. We’re also faced with a population that is aging faster than ever before – a demographic shift where older people now outnumber the young. This influx of older adults has created a demand for home care services that is expected to exponentially increase over the next 30 years. In fact, by 2060, nearly one in four Americans will be 65 years and older, the number of 85-plus will triple, and the country will add a half million centenarians.

Home Instead hasn’t taken this shift lightly, in fact we’ve been gearing up for it for some time. We understand that in order to grow our network and meet the care demand of the Baby Boomer generation, our franchise owners must provide a great experience to attract and retain great Care Pros. 


How does Home Instead elevate the caregiving experience?

  1. We show the respect career-minded professionals deserve. Our Care Pros are employees, not contractors and are given competitive pay and professional benefits like health insurance, paid sick leave and 401(k). This job isn’t easy and requires physical, intellectual and impersonal skills – skills not everyone possesses. 
  2. We work to pair Care Pros with the right clients. Every client has different needs, which is why it’s important to match Care Pros with clients they are equipped to care for. This not only helps provide the best care for our clients, but it also betters the experience for everyone.
  3. We provide feedback on performance. It’s amazing how far a compliment or praise for a job well done goes. The same can be said for constructive feedback to better someone’s performance. 
  4. We make sure work hours are consistent. We believe that if you promise a full-time job, you should deliver on it. That means making sure Care Pros can adjust their schedules to have consistent hours each week. 
  5. We continually invest in technology that helps Care Pros succeed. With Honor merging with Home Instead last year, select franchises now have the opportunity to join the tech-focused Care Platform. This platform allows Care Pros to access their schedule and pick up new shifts, find notes on clients, and receive immediate feedback – all with a few clicks on a smartphone or tablet. 

As the leader in the franchised home care industry for more than 25 years, Home Instead has helped thousands of people grow their businesses in markets across the world. Our Home Office provides coaching and support to help you better recruit Care Pros, office talent, and reach your business goals. If you have the right background and mindset, a care franchise could be the perfect entrepreneurial investment for you. Call us at 888.702.5987 or email franinfo@homeinsteadinc.com if you’re ready to help expand the world’s capacity to care with Home Instead.


Each Home Instead franchise office is independently owned and operated.


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