Oct 12, 2020

Caught on Video: Real Owners Divulge the Benefits of a Home Instead Franchise

When you're shopping for a franchise business, you'll hear a lot of marketing-speak from franchisors about the benefits of buying into their particular concept.

But what do the actual owners have to say about it?

Franchise owners Stacy and Kaipo say their business "brings harmony" to their lives – among many other things. Here's a recap of what they say about the benefits of Home Instead® franchise ownership in a recent video interview.

1. Home Instead franchise ownership expands on their life's passion for helping others

Stacy says building on her passion to help others is a huge benefit of owning a senior care franchise, and that she's "creating the best years of her life" as a franchise owner and mom.

2. It's a rewarding opportunity to create a company culture

Kaipo points out that running the day-to-day operations of his franchise presents an "opportunity to create a culture where people want to be here." Stacy adds that their goal is to "make home care a career choice" and become an "employer of choice" in their community, which makes them feel they're contributing on a larger scale.

3. It allows them to juggle work and home life effectively

Kaipo handles all the internal franchise operations, and Stacy performs the external functions: marketing, community involvement, and even some senior care in the field. They say it can be challenging to juggle the work of franchise ownership with marriage and raising children, but creating well-defined business roles for themselves not only makes it doable but makes it enjoyable.

4. "Phenomenal" training positioned them for success

Both Kaipo and Stacy say Home Instead's world-class training, which enabled them to spend time learning every aspect of a franchise operation, was crucial to help position them for success by answering their many questions about just how to run a senior care company.

5. A multitude of opportunities to give back fulfills their sense of calling

Stacy and Kaipo say they feel a calling to give back to their community, and a key benefit of owning a senior care franchise lies in the many opportunities to do that – by giving financially, physically, time, effort, ideas, and in many other ways.

Watch the video to hear for yourself what Stacy and Kaipo say about the true benefits of franchise ownership – and why it not only brings "work-life balance" but true "harmony" to their existence. Those are benefits you can only get from a mission-driven franchise concept like Home Instead.

Give us a call today for more information and to learn more about what day-to-day life is really like for Home Instead franchise owners.

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