Jun 01, 2021

4 Qualities of a Standout Home Care Franchise Opportunity

You’ve heard about “red flags:” those franchise characteristics that should bid you pause because they signal a potential problem that could make the business a poor choice for you.


But what about the characteristics that signal you’ve identified a potentially standout opportunity? Let’s call them the “green flags.” What green flags should you look for when it comes to evaluating a home care franchise, specifically?


Look for these four characteristics that top our list of “green flags” that can help identify an exceptional home care franchise opportunity:


  1. Protected territory
    The best franchisors, like Home Instead®, offer protected territories to franchise owners so they don’t have to worry about competing against their fellow franchise owners for clients. Protected territories can be defined by a geographic area or by a population base. Either way, you’ll have exclusive access to the potential client pool within your area. This can be a huge competitive advantage – and a large green flag.

  2. Engaged, supportive franchisor
    Active support from the franchisor is a factor that can help aid franchise businesses, especially in the initial stages of ownership. And in the home care industry, this support can be crucial in helping you understand what clients expect and how to meet their needs. Talk to lots of existing franchise owners to find out how they rate the beginning and ongoing support they received from the franchisor. If it’s high, you can view this as a green flag that you’re considering an exceptional home care franchise opportunity.

  3. Lengthy track record of success
    The longer a franchisor has successfully operated, the more confidence you can have in their concept. Home Instead not only has been in business for nearly 30 years, but during that period the company has become a global leader in-home care. Throughout that time, Home Instead has helped hundreds of franchise owners launch and grow thriving businesses. You can view this sort of track record as a huge green flag that you’ve found a truly exceptional home care franchise opportunity.

  4. Your values mesh with the company mission
    Sometimes, the intangibles of a franchise opportunity can serve as a big green flag for you. Such is the case with home care opportunities, which benefit from being led by values-driven owners. You have to care about clients and their families in the home care business. It has to be about more than making money. When you find a home care franchise opportunity that resonates in your heart, then you’ll know you’ve found the right one. At Home Instead, we look for franchise owners who share our mission to enhance the lives of aging adults and their families®. If that describes your motivations and values in seeking out a franchise business, you can see it as a green flag flapping in the breeze.


We’d love to tell you about other “green flags” that mark Home Instead as an exceptional home care franchise opportunity. Give us a call today at 888.702.5987 or email us at franinfo@homeinsteadinc.com for more information.



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