To Them, it’s Personal: These Home Instead Senior Care Franchise Owners Are Exactly Where They Are Meant To Be

Posted by Jason Vyhlidal , 7/23/2019 5:00 PM

In some franchise businesses, becoming a franchise owner requires only a down payment. In the Home Instead Senior Care® network, however, becoming a franchise owner requires something much more important: compassion and empathy, and the belief that you can make a difference in the lives of seniors.


Ryan and Colleen Jershy of Winsor, Ontario, Canada and Jerohn and Tasha Gorman of Austin, Texas started their franchises because of their desire to help others and their belief that they could make a difference. Read on to hear from these franchise owner superstars in their own words, as each recounts the path that brought them to become Home Instead Senior Care franchise owners.


"We found Home Instead in May of 2009 after both of our fathers had passed away within a 10-month span. My dad passed away of cancer and Colleen's dad passed away suddenly of a heart attack while on vacation on Father's Day. We both had good jobs but were unhappy because we wanted to find something we could do that had more meaning. We loved the idea of working together and truly making a difference in people's lives. We did a Google search of available franchises and found out that the Windsor territory was available. We went for our visit to Omaha [Home Instead Senior Care's Headquarters] in August and opened our doors on November 9, 2009."

-Ryan Jershy, franchise owner in Winsor, Ontario, Canada



"Home Instead really came into existence for us shortly after moving back to New Mexico. We thought we were going to be settling in the area and flipping houses, but one day my wife said, "I think we are supposed to help seniors."  I told her to research a business opportunity and she came back to me with HISC.


I had completely forgotten that my cousin was an owner of [a Home Instead Senior Care franchise] (we didn't have much contact at the time, and he had gotten started in it right when we moved off to California). On a long drive, I was thinking about how the name sounded familiar and Tyson popped into my head. I called him and sure enough, he had just finished his sixth year and was ready to tell me all about it. We tried purchasing 3 other territories all which for different reasons didn't work out. I made an "owner call" one day to the Austin owner who was not for sale at the time and just felt led to ask him if he ever thought about selling. Two weeks later we made the deal and the house we just completely remodeled went up for sale to help us make the purchase! Not only did we get to purchase the franchise we wanted, but we got the territory just south of my cousin's.


My wife and I have dedicated the majority of our adult lives to enhancing the lives of others and helping those who, by whatever means, have become overcome by life's challenges. It's our family mission to overcome adversity no matter what comes our way, and we believe we are called to help others do the same. Having 5 children, 3 of which are adopted, and being involved professionally and personally in our local church for the last 20 years, we have had lots of opportunities to fulfill this mission.


The last few years we have been looking for the next opportunity that would align with our values and fulfill our financial goals. When my wife was a pre-teen her best friend was her grandmother. Unfortunately, because of many reasons, Tasha's grandmother was placed in a nursing home rather than being allowed to stay in her own home. This drove her to a passion of helping seniors live out there last days where they wanted to be. We chose Home Instead because their core values lined up with that of our own and it is a great opportunity to make a difference in our community while allowing us to attain our financial goals." 

-Jerohn Gorman, franchise owner in Austin, TX


Ryan and Colleen Jershy and Jerohn and Tasha Gorman came to Home Instead Senior Care from different paths, but each has found the perfect way to give back to the world while achieving their professional goals. Their belief in what they do and their commitment to their clients is part of what makes Home Instead Senior Care more than just your average franchise purchase. Together with the exceptional support from the Home Instead Senior Care's marketing team and other franchise owners, Ryan and Colleen and Jerohn and Tasha have found their life's work and have achieved their dream of helping those who need it most.  


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